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Blade Character Sheet :Updated: by Mishizoko Blade Character Sheet :Updated: :iconmishizoko:Mishizoko 2 21 Blade's Redesign by Mishizoko Blade's Redesign :iconmishizoko:Mishizoko 3 0 Tempestas Cold-laboration by Mishizoko Tempestas Cold-laboration :iconmishizoko:Mishizoko 4 9 GTRO Spooktober :Blade and Rose: by Mishizoko GTRO Spooktober :Blade and Rose: :iconmishizoko:Mishizoko 4 4
GTRO: Ruande Cave (part 2)
    Temp sighed as he looked around; his head was pounding a little, likely a side effect of having been randomly warped in here. His light green eyes landed on Blade and Rose and he smiled a little, at least he wasn’t alone in here. Storm Fang nudged his companion’s back and Temp looked at him, though his heart sank when he saw that his bow and arrows were missing from the pack on the warg’s back. Blade and Rose began to search for the exit and Temp tagged along, keeping one hand on Strom Fang’s side.
    The ranger groaned when they ran into a Kafra who began to rant about what kinds of money they’ve been leaving behind without killing anything. Temp promptly snapped at him about how they were weaponless and while Rose and Blade were capable of killing things without their weapons he was kinda screwed. The Kafra shut up, not wanting to piss the ranger off any further. When they found the way out Temp sighed and shook his head, swearin
:iconmishizoko:Mishizoko 0 2
Gray spotlight by Mishizoko Gray spotlight :iconmishizoko:Mishizoko 1 2
GTRO: War of Sandperium (Blade)
    Blade chuckled softly as Rose sat down and erected a Basilica to protect the sand castle they had built. He looked at the hoard of Crabs and he frowned a little, rapidly running through scenarios and attack patterns in his head. The open beach and possibility of wind blowing it towards the civilians and others on the beach made it so that anything involving poison was out, too much risk. He sighed and decided to return to his Assassin and Assassin Cross roots.
    He glanced over his shoulder at Rose briefly before pulling his weapons out from under his t-shirt, having stashed them there despite her asking him to come without them. He could only hope that she wouldn’t be mad at him for having hidden the weapons on his person. Brushing that thought aside he charged forward towards the crabs, dropping down into a spinning slide as he did so, kicking up a cloud of sand and dust that temporarily blinded the Crabs.
    He flipped up into the air and c
:iconmishizoko:Mishizoko 2 10
GTRO: Shell Be Coming Around (Blade)
    Blade chuckled as Rose dragged him to the beach, they had decided to come to the festival being held to celebrate their recent engagement. Rose squealed as they watched the people wandering around and enjoying themselves. Blade noticed a few familiar faces but decided to remain with only Rose and leave his friends to their celebrations. His eye landed briefly on Temp who was speaking with Joey, he spotted Gray and Sana behind a table laden with food with Tyr and Hrimfaxi wandering around from table to table in a way that Blade could only describe as prowling.
    Rose squeaked and grabbed Blade’s wrist, dragging her fiancé with her to a nearby stall, snapping him from his musings and back into reality. “What’s got your attention sweetheart?” He asked with a small tilt of his head.
    “This~! This is the last one too~!” Rose chimed cheerfully and held up a small shell necklace made by one of the local children.
:iconmishizoko:Mishizoko 1 2
GTRO: War of Sandperium (Tempestas)
Temp growled as he saw the horde of crabs that looked dead set on destroying the sandcastle that Joey had just erected. He whistled and Storm Fang barrelled into the crabs, snapping up several and throwing them away. Though the crabs weren’t at all happy to see the giant black warg and used their pincers on his paws and legs, making Storm Fang yelp in slight pain.
“Oi! No one ‘ur’s my frien’.” Temp hissed as he jumped up onto Storm Fang’s back to snag his bow and a quiver of arrows that had been stored in a pack on the warg’s back. The ranger strung the bow and knocked an arrow to the string before leaping up and off his warg’s back in a wide and exaggerated flip. He locked onto a crab that was just far enough from Storm Fang’s flank and fired the shot.  The carefully aimed arrow shattered into three and took out three crabs in one shot, pinning them to the sand. Before Temp could finish his flip he fired five shots total
:iconmishizoko:Mishizoko 2 11
Blade and Gray Nap :Collab: by Mishizoko Blade and Gray Nap :Collab: :iconmishizoko:Mishizoko 2 9 Scarf collab by Mishizoko Scarf collab :iconmishizoko:Mishizoko 3 2
Mature content
Thanatos Hunt :Skull and Braided Beard: :iconmishizoko:Mishizoko 2 2
Tempestas :Full Body: by Mishizoko Tempestas :Full Body: :iconmishizoko:Mishizoko 1 4 GTRO Event: Tempestas Paper Child by Mishizoko GTRO Event: Tempestas Paper Child :iconmishizoko:Mishizoko 3 16 Blade and River Paper Doll/Child by Mishizoko Blade and River Paper Doll/Child :iconmishizoko:Mishizoko 3 14 Phantom Thief Celestino by Mishizoko Phantom Thief Celestino :iconmishizoko:Mishizoko 1 48
Browse my gallery and favorite anything you like! ^_~

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  • Reading: The Hobbit
  • Watching: Historical Documentaries
  • Playing: Ragnarok Online 2 and Assassin' Creed 3 (again)
  • Eating: Kraft Dinner
  • Drinking: Water
So yeah... I'm still alive. It's been almost a year since I last updated my journal so figured it was high time I did so. I've been thinking of starting commisions so I can earn some extra cash, haven't decided yet. Also I joined tumblr a while ago so you can find me there at

I mostly just reblog stuff there, with an occassional artsy thing. That's about it, not much else to say. Though feel free to find me on Ragnarok Online 2 as well if you ever play. I main my priest Celestino.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I draw because I like too, I don't do it because someone tells me too and no one tells me what or why or when I should draw. Drawing is my favourite way to pass a boring day if I don't have access to my main pass-time hobby of playing Final Fantasy XIV. I love to cosplay and hang out with my friends and my long-term boyfriend. I also read a lot of manga and watch some Anime. If I don't feel like drawing or playing FFXIV I will read or play a video game on one of my game systems.


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Thank you! And hello Maggie!
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I think Esi stopped paying for it.
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