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November 3, 2012
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     Fenrir sighed as the breeze in Yuno ruffled his hair, the autumn sun surprisingly warm. The Professor was standing outside the palace and staring up at the sky, his mind wandering over the reasons why the ruler of Yuno had summoned him. He’d already discarded the possibilities of being punished or fired for not doing his job right. He’d never screwed up bad enough for it to really need mentioning. Everyone was human after all.
     "Time to move Wolf." One of the guards said with a small smile and gave him a friendly push towards the door. It was no secret that Fenrir and his girlfriend Saya had broken up not long ago over a misunderstanding, only to get back together, but not before Fen had attempted his own life. But it wasn't like Fen had tried to hide his suicide attempt, and as the captain of Yuno's investigatory squad the matter had spread like wild fire. With a quick nod towards the guard he stepped through the doors and into the lobby.
     Several officials greeted him as he passed. He politely inclined his head and waved with a smile but didn’t stop walking. It didn't take long before he entered the throne room. The king here was modest in his dress, wearing a lab coat and his crown was more like a circlet, resting softly upon his brow. The circlet gleamed gold and bright while the man himself looked a little exploded with black soot on his clothes and skin.
     "Good morning Captain Wolf!" He chimed cheerfully as Fen dropped to a knee in a bow, lowering his head respectfully.
     "Good morning your highness, you summoned me?" He asked quickly.
     "Yes, yes, now please stand up. Your family has long since served mine, you really don't have to be so formal! Or did you forget how you and I went to school together?" He teased and Fen just smiled.
     "No your highness, I didn't forget."
     "Quit calling me that! Call me Leo!" He puffed his cheeks out then burst out laughing as he noticed that Fen was grinning playfully. "Oh you got me good there Captain Wolf." He chuckled.
     "Now look who's being formal. Though I guess since that time you haven't called me Fenrir or Fen" Both men cast their gazes to the floor and shifted nervously.
     "Yes well... that... that's not important right now." Leo sighed and put a friendly arm around Fen's shoulders. "Come on, there's something I want to talk to you about." They left the throne room together, side by side, in silence until they reached the courtyard gardens. There they stepped through the gate and to the very edge of the floating land of Yuno.
     "How long has it been since we've stood like this Wolf?" Leo asked softly as the wind kissed their skin, causing Leo's lab coat to flutter softly and Fen's sleeves to look a little like red and black flags.
     "Too long Leo, far too long." Fen responded as a cloud drifted by them.
     "I wanted to ask you, do you hate me for what I did to you when we were children?" Leo asked softly, looking extremely guilty.
     "No I don't. If anything Leo I'm glad that what happened did happen. I owe you my life for that, and though I do admit there are some things about it that I hate, over all I'm happy." Fen answered as he looked at his friend.
     "So you're happy looking like you do now? Really? I thought you hated being so physically flawless." Leo commented in surprise. Fen chuckled and shook his head.
    "I'm hardly flawless now." He smiled and pulled his tunic up to show the scar left by Blade on his rib cage. Leo yelped in shock and ran his fingers over the scar.
     "What happened!? How'd it happen!? And why didn't it heal?!" He asked in shock as Fen put his tunic back into place before sitting down so his feet and part of his legs were hanging in the open air.
     "You remember that insane Assassin Cross name Blade right? He's what happened. I was protecting Saya when he gave me this. There hadn't been any priests around so it's a miracle that I lived." Fen explained as Leo sat down with him.
     "Odin smiled on you didn't he? So if you can scar why hasn't anything else?" Leo inquired.
    "The reason this scarred is because it was inflicted by a Ogre's Toenail, everything else that's happened to me has been normally inflicted. But Leo, don't even think of blaming yourself and that stupid experiment we both took part in. It's not your fault, and I agreed to be the test subject, so we're both at fault." Fen stated as he leaned back on his hands, eyes closed as he looked up.
     "I'm still sorry." Leo muttered and stood up, dusting himself off. "There's another thing I wanted to do while you're here." Leo stated as he walked behind Fen who opened his eyes and watched him.
     "What's that?" He asked curiously.
     "You have the power and ability to surpass who you already are Wolf, so why don't you?" He asked as they locked eyes.
     "Don't I? What do you mean Leo?" Fen asked as he stood up and turned to face him.
     "You know what I mean Fenrir!" He snapped and shoved him in a bit of frustration. Fen stumbled back, one foot dropping past the edge of the land and into thin air. He yelped in shock as he fell, one hand grabbing the edge before he was too far gone.
     "L-Leo!" Fen was looking at the several thousand foot drop below him, Yuno was a floating city,  fell he'd die, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. He'd be a pancake on the ground below. Realizing that he'd accidentally pushed him too far the king grabbed Fen's wrist and tried to pull him up. The professor grabbed on with his other hand but he slipped, badly.
     "Fen, oh shit Fen, I'm so sorry. Why is it that every time I say your name you end up in a life threatening situation!?" Leo asked, sweating with the effort of trying to keep his friend from falling.
     "Let me go Leo, there's no way you can pull me up, and there's no guards here to help." Fen smiled sadly as he slipped again, the sweat on Leo's hands making it hard to keep a grip.
     "No! No I won't!"
     "It'll be alright Leo, just let go. But can I get you to do me a favour?&" Fen asked with a small chuckle. "Tell Sayasaki Keeper, that I love her and that I'm sorry that I won't be able to be with her anymore. Oh and don't tell her that you shoved me. I know it was an accident Leo, I'm not mad. You didn't think you shoved me that hard, and I wasn't expecting you too." Fen gave him a comforting smile as he slipped out of Leo's grip further.
     "No! No you can't!" Leo tried to get a better grip but Fen slipped free. "FENRIR!!!" Leo tried to grab for him as he fell.
     Fen closed his eyes as the wind howled in his ears, it was bitingly cold and he hoped he'd freeze to death before hitting. At least then it wouldn't be a waiting game. His eyes flew open as the air around him shimmered with heat and he felt like something in him was burning to get free.
     He wrapped his arms around his chest before flames enveloped him, causing him to curl into a ball. A name echoed in his head before bursting from his lips along with a blast of magic.
     "Agni!" He cried and he both heard and felt the magic explode around him. Up from below something shot up, catching Fenrir as he fell and continuing upwards. As they landed in the gardens of the royal palace Fen felt jarred from the impact and he ended up tumbling to the ground. His whole body felt frozen yet warm and he gasped desperately his lungs screaming for air. He hadn't realized he'd been holding his breath since he’d shouted.
     "Fenrir!" Leo's voice made him aware of his surroundings and he opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was a giant of a man who floated a few inches off the ground, his whole body bright red with flames licking the air. He had no hair, just fire, and all he wore was a pair of blue jeans. Next he looked around and spotted Leo who was staring in shock and terror.
     "L-Leo..." He pushed himself up off the ground and the flaming man drifted over towards Leo.
     "P-Please don't hurt me!" Leo yelped, worried he'd be killed. Again the name reverberated in Fen's head.
     "Agni, stop, you won't harm him." He commanded with a wave of his hand. The flame man stopped and returned to Fen's side, standing just a little behind him. Fen dared to look down at himself. No wonder he felt warm!
     His usual clothes had been replaced with a robe with a feather-lined hood and shoulders, red gems big and small held it closed at his neck with a gold and black shoulder guard on his right shoulder. The robes were mostly black with a dark blue sash around his waist, clasped with a gems. Two were red, one was black, all three were set in a gold buckle that held the sash in place. The highlights of his robes were a fiery orange-red. The floating bracelets he usually wore had remained the same, but his robes had diamond shapes on the ends and the sleeves were still separate from the whole of the outfit, but they had an almost swirl of the orange-red highlight, even his pant legs had the diamonds and steel toed black boots.
     "Leo... Leo what happened to me?" He asked as he looked himself over again and did a quick turnaround to test the movement of the robes.
     "I-I think... I think you became a third class." He responded as he carefully approached Fen.
     "Really!? So I-I'm a Sorcerer!?" Fen's jaw dropped. Being a sorcerer was something of a myth here. Those that had tried in the past had been killed by the very magic they'd been trying to master.
     "Yeah... I mean, only a Sorcerer looks like that and only a sorcerer can summon a creature like that." Leo pointed at Agni. Fen looked over his shoulder at the creature and laughed. He waved a hand and dismissed Agni. Well now, this was going to be fun to explain to Saya and everyone else.
I'm sorry to all those that thought Fen was born that sexy, no, no he wasn't. It was an interesting experiment gone wrong. While he would've grown up to be a damn hot man he wouldn't have been so physically flawless. And yes this also gives him a weird ability to not scar unless it's under certain circumstances. It also makes him a little harder to kill than normal.

As for the name of the ruler of Yuno I don't actually know his real name so I just gave him one, if I ever find out what his real name is I'll change it, but for now it's gonna be Leo. Sorcerers do exist in-game and are freakin epic. Though I have yet to play one the people I know that do have shown me that Sorcerers are pretty awesome! I'm going to have to get my butt in gear and make Fenrir in-game and level him up.

Sayasaki Keeper (c): :iconcarmasi:
Fenrir Wolf/Leo (c): :iconmishizoko: (me!)
Yuno/Sorcerer/Professor/Agni (c): Gravity/Ragnarok Online
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XX8 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
This made me wonder o.o
Mishizoko Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Makes you wonder about what?
XX8 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Third, and your other's chars ._.
Mishizoko Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol yeah. Slowly they are making third classes. I'm gonna leave Rai a Stalker though. Shadow Chasers just aren't cute. They're sexy and Rai is cute.
XX8 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
I may made hyouri a wandered but snake would still keep sniper i dont liker rangers much most of their attacks involve the wolf and i dont like the wolf, tho ur right the shadow shacers are hell sexy but rai is adorable and that wont do it , lest put the starker girl clothes on him XD XD XD XD XD XD
Mishizoko Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol!!! Stalker girl clothes! XD yeah I guess the Shadow Chaser girl outfit would wourk better for him. And I think she'll be happy knowing that she can become a ranger but chose to not. Also Fen in-game is a Prof! He's almost at Sorcerer too and it's only been a day.
XX8 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Lol you got. To much free time woman! XD, and yeah , i mean rangers have really cool habilities, but there's just not made for me, maybe i start playing a bit more and decide if i'll do it or not, it all depent, and yeah i'll see if i can made a drawing of kitty with the chaser female clothing XP
Mishizoko Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hardly, I just know how to level magic users! >D As for seeing Rai with the female chaser clothing... I WANNA SEE!!! D:
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CarMasi Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
lol fen its a sorcerer now *faint*

I wonder if he and lily would talk about that much o.o wait.. oh yeah lily don't live in yuno so preactically fen its the 1st sorcerer there Cool... oh yeah and teh OTP challenge starts now XD
Mishizoko Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay OTP Challenge! *cheers* And yup he is! Though he will likely go and talk to Lily a bit since she's had more practise with being a Sorcerer than he does. That and it's a great "excuse" to go and visit Saya in Izlude. >3>
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