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Look at me now by Mishizoko
Look at me now
My Priest Celestino from RO2 having gone back to the starting point in Elemento. He's Master Level 23 now and has come a long way from the level 1 Acolyte he was when he first opened his eyes into the RO2 world.
    Temp sighed as he looked around; his head was pounding a little, likely a side effect of having been randomly warped in here. His light green eyes landed on Blade and Rose and he smiled a little, at least he wasn’t alone in here. Storm Fang nudged his companion’s back and Temp looked at him, though his heart sank when he saw that his bow and arrows were missing from the pack on the warg’s back. Blade and Rose began to search for the exit and Temp tagged along, keeping one hand on Strom Fang’s side.

    The ranger groaned when they ran into a Kafra who began to rant about what kinds of money they’ve been leaving behind without killing anything. Temp promptly snapped at him about how they were weaponless and while Rose and Blade were capable of killing things without their weapons he was kinda screwed. The Kafra shut up, not wanting to piss the ranger off any further. When they found the way out Temp sighed and shook his head, swearing at how the golem was broken. Looks like the Kafra was going to get his Zeny after all.

    Once Blade, Rose, and Temp had gone their separate ways he dug in his pack to pull out his traps and he sighed as he set about placing traps in strategic locations. Once done he scooped up a couple of stones up off the floor and wandered off with Storm Fang to find some creatures to kill. It didn’t take him long to find a Stalactite Golem. Temp tossed a rock at it, enraging it as the stone pinged off its massive head rather comically only to fall back down and bounce off its head a second time. Temp made a rude hand gesture at the monster before hopping up onto Storm Fang’s back. The Golem chased him and the warg down only to be blasted into smithereens by Temp’s traps. Though much of the ranger’s traps had to be improvised with bits and pieces he could find around the cave as the original pieces to them that had made them traps had been removed.

     Temp eventually gave up on the trap idea and both he and Storm Fang wandered around, the Warg killing what he could without damaging his teeth and claws. In the end he managed to find six star crumbs and two Great Natures. He looked at his meager earnings and he yelped as something slimy, sticky, and cold slapped into his back. Temp spun to see a Hydra and without any motion from him Storm Fang lunged at the Hydra, ripping it to shreds within a few seconds for having dared to hurt his master.

    “Than’ Odin tha’ Hydras are easy fer Storm Fang tah tear intah.” He muttered to himself as he wiped sweat from his brow. A quick scan of his surroundings showed him Blade and Rose not far off and he felt a little better seeing them.  Though he found it mildly amusing as a Hydras was dumb enough to try to get its tenticles on Rose.

    Temp could only watch as Rose fell into the water and Blade dove in after her. It seemed that the swimming lessons that Huuxera had given to Blade a while ago had done him a lot of good. Especially since Blade soon resurfaced with his fiancé and he held her close. He hopped onto Storm Fang’s back and the warg leaped across the water with ease, only to land on the other side near Temp’s friends just as they were discussing coming to find him.

    “No nee’, I was pre’y close tah ye tah anyways… As fer fin’in’ anythin’, I manage’ tah ge’ a’ leas’ tah Grea’ Natures an’ six star crumbs. Half o’ these items shoul’ be enough tah satisfy tha’ Kafra, woul’ ye min’ if I keep the other half? With Ryoko pregnan’ an’ e’erythin’...” He commented, feeling  a little guilty that he was even asking this of the two.

    “It's no problem~! I get enough Zeny from helping with my father's raids~!” Rose chimed as she held the items needed close to her chest. Blade nodded over to Tempestas with a small smile, showing that it was fine with him as well. The Ranger smiled gratefully at the two before bagging half of the items he had in the bag Storm Fang had.

    As they made their way back to the exit Temp handed half the goods he’d collected to the Kafra, making him cheer a little in delight before he set about trying to help Blade and Rose repair the golem. It took them two hours but Temp had finally figured out how to improvise the Golem’s missing parts using the items they had collected and it was Rose using Judex that reanimated it. Once they were out of the cave he sighed, not looking forward to having to explain to Ryoko everything that had happened at the beach today.
GTRO: Ruande Cave (part 2)
I'm sorry it's horrible. I've had a shit ton of stuff happening in my life lately. My Grandfather passed away a month ago and just was I was feeling comfortable enough to try to write again my friend and co-worker passed away on August 24 because of complications with her diabetes. She was only 23 years old and she's the reason I was able to get my current job at all. I miss her like crazy and finding the time and energy to write when it feels like your soul is ripped out is near impossible. So I just slapped this together for a grand total of 830 words. I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry.

Rose belongs to :iconxxrosaliaxx:
Blade and Temp belong to me :iconmishizoko:
Gray spotlight by Mishizoko
Gray spotlight
OMG I'M SO SO SORRY ADEAT! It's horrible and rushed and... Gods I'm sorry. Maybe one day I can make this up to you and Gray. *goes and slinks off into a corner*

I know I forgot his big cross necklace (only realized it when it was lined). And despite how terrible this looks I really do love Gray and I think he's awesome as all heck! I'm sorry I failed at capturing his awesomeness. :iconotlplz:

Gray belongs to tersinc (:icontersinc:)
Art is mine
    Blade chuckled softly as Rose sat down and erected a Basilica to protect the sand castle they had built. He looked at the hoard of Crabs and he frowned a little, rapidly running through scenarios and attack patterns in his head. The open beach and possibility of wind blowing it towards the civilians and others on the beach made it so that anything involving poison was out, too much risk. He sighed and decided to return to his Assassin and Assassin Cross roots.

    He glanced over his shoulder at Rose briefly before pulling his weapons out from under his t-shirt, having stashed them there despite her asking him to come without them. He could only hope that she wouldn’t be mad at him for having hidden the weapons on his person. Brushing that thought aside he charged forward towards the crabs, dropping down into a spinning slide as he did so, kicking up a cloud of sand and dust that temporarily blinded the Crabs.

    He flipped up into the air and crossed his arms and weapons in front of his face so as he was facing downwards at the peak of his flip he released a Soul Breaker, the purple arc of energy slamming home into a small pack of them. As he came out of his flip to land on his feet he used the momentum to unleash a Meteor Assault, killing a good portion of the crabs and giving the Guillotine some room to stand and survey the area.

    A small group of crabs were attacking the Basilica that Rose had in place and a small burst of panic bloomed in Blade’s chest. He slipped three poison daggers out of sheaths hidden under the left leg of his swim trunks. He threw them with deadly accuracy, turning the crabs that were struck into skewers of sorts. He spun and kicked out at several that tried to use their pincers on his bare feet and legs. He kicked one up into the air and smacked it back down with the flat of one of his katars and watched in a kind of satisfaction as it hit several of its companions and they all lay still.

    A sharp pain stabbed into Blade’s left calf muscle and his leg threatened to buckle under his weight as he turned to see what had hurt him. He wasn’t overly surprised to see that one crab had gotten its claws into him, and had all but severed the muscles and tendons in the back of his leg. He cut the creature off him and he retreated a little bit, limping heavily. Blade could guess that his leg would only support him for a maximum of five minutes more before the injury got the best of him and he was brought down. Though he could feel Rose’s disapproving glare on his back, she had only just minutes before finished healing him from having collected sea shells and having had Hydras put their sticky, slimy tentacles all over him.

    Blade looked at the crabs and again assessed the situation. He didn’t have much longer on his leg but he had to get rid of the remaining ones and soon. He sighed and rushed headlong into the remaining mob of Crabs. He dropped down and began to spin as fast as he possibly could in a circle, kicking up sand and small stones, but as he spun around and around in a much lower version of Rolling Cutter the crabs fell into the vortex he created and died by the droves.

    As Blade’s leg finally gave out under him he rolled along the beach awkwardly, sand stinging the hell out of the open wound on his leg but as he picked himself up he was relieved to see that the crabs were all laying as corpses on the beach and those that lived had high tailed it back to the safety of the ocean. He sighed and lay on his stomach as Rose ran over to him and immediately began to heal his wound and scold him for having hidden his weapons on him and for having gotten himself hurt when she had just finished healing him the last time.

    Blade merely smiled up at his fiancé and took the scolding in stride. He was happy that she was safe, he could give a damn about the castle, but Rose at least was safe.
GTRO: War of Sandperium (Blade)
And I'm done. :iconimdeadplz: continuation of this:…

Rose belongs to :iconxxrosaliaxx:
And Blade belongs to :iconmishizoko: (me) but they also belong to each other /shot

Everything else belongs to Ragnarok Online
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So yeah... I'm still alive. It's been almost a year since I last updated my journal so figured it was high time I did so. I've been thinking of starting commisions so I can earn some extra cash, haven't decided yet. Also I joined tumblr a while ago so you can find me there at

I mostly just reblog stuff there, with an occassional artsy thing. That's about it, not much else to say. Though feel free to find me on Ragnarok Online 2 as well if you ever play. I main my priest Celestino.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I draw because I like too, I don't do it because someone tells me too and no one tells me what or why or when I should draw. Drawing is my favourite way to pass a boring day if I don't have access to my main pass-time hobby of playing Ragnarok Online (1 and 2). I love to cosplay and hang out with my friends and my long-term boyfriend. I also read a lot of manga and watch some Anime. If I don't feel like drawing or playing RO I will read or play a video game on one of my game systems.

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